Hello all MMM GLOBAL RU users,

I hope all are safe and healthy in this Covid-19 pandemic. Very happy and delighted to see that all the participants and Guiders are doing their PH and GH very efficiently. Happy to share that there are approx 14,000 registrations with almost 850 Guiders in the system so far. 

Furthermore, in every given calendar month every Guider needs to do three new registrations and PH commitment in the three new registrations. Whoever fails to do so this month, will be degraded to the normal participants and would lose all future guider incomes.

This condition is being implemented to ensure that the system runs even smoother and will sustain for years to come. 

Moreover, Mavro growth will be given for 21 days only. Because in 21 days all members will go in the Recommitment stage and this will generate Referral and Guider bonus. This ensures that Guider gets handsome income every time.

Just to recap, after commitment, Guider gets a 25% link right away and Participant gets the same in 48 hours. The remaining 75% link will come anytime within21 days.

Happy earning
We can change the world together.


Hello, MMM Global RU Lovers

Here is the news.

Everything is running smoothly in the system. I am the global leader of MMM GLOBAL's entire structure. I was looking at the growth of this structure and its moving very well. People from all over the world have joined this community and their commitments are increasing day by day.

Existing Guiders and participants are working in such a fashion that showcase themselves as a role model for others and newcomers. They have done a commendable job, hats off to them. Keep up the spirit.

There's not the slightest doubt that the Year 2020 will be the year of mmm global ru throughout the world.

Mark my words! Of course, everything depends on you only and the active work of both the participants and guiders, since, let me say it again, the system is you.

And everything in fact relies on your activity

Actually, things are going marvelously in the Republic of Bitcoin. I am so pleased to record a video for the Republic of Bitcoin.

In other words, the participants and guiders are extremely Active.

The rules and regulation implemented in the system are to ensure that the system work without any issue and people earn good money out of it.

To strengthen the system, I am sure whatever rules and regulations that have been implemented will certainly boost it. This includes but not limited to recommitment for participants and guiders with few other rules.

We have equipped the system with more intelligence so that no GH can remain unmatched in any case for a lifetime.

Keep on working, as usual, disseminate the ideology of Sergy Mavrodi to people, educate them, make them understand, encourage them to work and earn. This will bring happiness to them and of course you guys.

With this positive note, I would like to again thank all the members for their extraordinary effort that they have brought in the system.

Ok, see you next time.

As well, I also believe that there is a financial burden to everybody,

However together we can change the world.


You can check out this video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/28dFpUxI3wU





Dear MMM Global RU Users,

With reference to my earlier news, due to COVID-19 refund of all the participants was initiated and successfully processed. As this global disaster is coming to an end, we are again more than ready to launch the system. We have made a few changes, kindly review:
•    First order of 25% will come in 48 hours and the rest 75% can come anytime randomly. 
•    Once you pay 100% of your order and if you wish to do a GH, first you need to do a new PH of a same or higher amount. Moreover, you would have to pay the 25% order as well.
•    All the guiders in the system are required to do minimum PH.
•    To become a guider, you need to sponsor at least 5 members and should have a team of a total of 20 members. Once this is achieved, the participant needs to create a ticket to become Guider.
•    To sustain as a Guider, you need to sponsor 3 new members in every calendar month and ensure their commitment. Failing to which may demote you to normal Participant.
•    These rules and regulations will strengthen Guider's work and will help him grow faster.

New registrations are open now, and PH commitments will start on 22nd April. For any concerns, feel free to contact us via raising a ticket.

We can change the world together.



Hello, all Mavrodians,


I hope everybody is safe and healthy. The system is, as usual, running absolutely fine. Thousands and thousands of new registrations are already done in MMM Global RU. And not just new registrations, PH commitment have touched new heights, thanks to all the members.


Let me brief you all the current situation:

After PH commitment, most of you have already paid the 1st 50% order. 2nd 50% order link had also started a few days back. Few have paid and few have missed to pay the 2nd order. May be due to shutdowns they couldn’t see the 2nd order and time has elapsed. This is causing unnecessary losses to those members. Now as you all know; the entire world is in heavy turbulence due to Coronavirus (Covid-19). Because of this sometimes people are missing 2nd PH order resulting in getting GH rejections and this will add on the turbulence to our members. Maybe a few of us are already a victim of Covid-19.


Looking at this situation, we don’t want any kind of loss to our members. Hence:

  • People who have paid the 1st 50% order, the amount will be sent back to their account address.
  • Those who have paid 100% order and not placed GH request, the entire amount will be sent back to their account address.
  • Those who have received GH, nothing will be done.
  • Old Balance mavro will be there as usual on mavro page.


The shutdown is going across the globe and members are not able to participate in this system with full effort. To recover from the Corona effect, the world might take 30 to 45 days and so are we. Once it’s settled down, we will restart the system again.


Let’s focus on saving our and other's life for now. Be safe.



Long live MMM Global RU


Dear MMM Global RU Users

As I have shared in my earlier news, all the links of GH and PH along with Mavro has been removed from your PO. Moreover, whoever is qualified for Balance Mavro, the same has been credited in the Mavro page. If someone thinks that he is qualified to receive Balance Mavro but didn’t receive, please create a support ticket and we will see to it.

There are participants from all over the world but most of them are not linked with System’s Skype and Telegram group. They are just managing through a support ticket. I urge and invite them all to get yourself and others joined to the official Skype and Telegram group.
P.S: Please join your countries respective group only. 

New registrations are flowing in nicely. Ensure more and more numbers of registration in your team.

PH will get started in the next 48 hours. 

We can change the world together.


Dear MMM Global RU Users

Once again welcome you all in MMM Global RU. As shared earlier that the system will start soon with new Rules and Regulations. These Rules and Regulations are implemented to ensure the system will run long or to be more precise run for lifelong. Our motto is that People should remain and work in the system forever and earn a good income.

New guidelines are as follow:
1.    All PH and GH links and orders will be removed form the PO of all members.

2.    Below is how Mavro will be calculated:
-    Members who have completed 100% PH and not placed any GH request, their principal amount will reflect in the Mavro list. 
-    If the amount of 100% paid PH is equivalent to the amount of GH orders, there will be no Mavro given.
-    If the amount of 100% paid PH is less then GH orders, still, no Mavro will be given.
-    In case the value of GH orders is less than 100% paid PH amount, the difference will be credited in Mavro as “Balance Mavro”.

3.    How to place GH of Balance Mavro:
To get this Balance Mavro, everyone needs to place PH request. With every PH, 10% of PH commitment amount (Max of 10% Balance Mavro) will be released as “Release Mavro”. Once PH is 100% paid, the member can place the GH request of Release Mavro.
P.S: Based on the past track and working record, sometimes the system may release 100% Balance Mavro

4.    For Guider:
-    To get a Guider panel member and his 10 referrals should complete their PH. Once PH is done for all members, a ticket can be placed for Guider panel. The system will review the request and will upgrade to Guider panel.
-    1st 50% order for Guider will come instantly.
-    Whenever a GH request is complete, a new PH request for the last commitment will be automatically placed. 
P.S: All the existing Guiders in the system are requested to do a Minimum PH within 7 days from now in their PO and in their 10 referrals as well, failing which may lead to downgrading their status to a normal participant.

5.    For all the commitments done by a Participant, 50% order will come within 48 hours and rest 50% orders can come anytime randomly.

6.    After PH commitment, Growth will start immediately and will show in the Mavro page.

7.    After 100% PH confirmation, GH can be placed anytime. However, if GH is placed within 14 days of commitment, then only the principal amount can be withdrawn. This means that GH with growth will come only after 14 days of commitment. 

8.    After paying and attaching a slip of PH order, a countdown of 48 hours will start (Time to confirm: 48 hours). The member who is getting GH would be able to confirm the order only after 48 hours. If he doesn’t confirm the GH order even after 48 hours, Admin will process the confirmation within the next 24 hours.

9.    A GH request can be either matched with a user (Peer to Peer) or User to Admin automatically.

10.    In any condition, the PO of Block ID will not be made open. 

We can change the world together.


Dear MMM Global RU Users,

System was as usual running fine, however because of multiple registrations of same participant lot of ID’s has been rejected. And because of the multiple ID rejection there was a negative energy in the system and this negative energy forced other participants not to pay their PH and subsequently GH. In a nutshell, multiple registration has made a halt in the system.
Participants whose PH is confirmed, system is bound to return their principal amount with few terms and conditions. The returnable Mavro will be the amount that is left after getting a GH, means commitment amount less GH amount.
We are working to ensure this will not happen in the future and system will run flawless. We are making new guidelines and ways as how this will be managed further. This may take 7 days; however, we would like to promise that we will be back within 7 days with more power and energy.

We can change the world together.


Dear MMM Global RU Users,

As usual, our system is running smoothly. However, there are members who have registered themselves in multiple ID’s (Multiple registrations of the same person) and some of them are failing in fulfilling their PH commitment and this has created negative energy in the system. This negative energy has caused panic in members who are willing to pay their PH commitment.

Just to clarify. Members who would not pay their PH commitment, will be permanently blocked. However, if the member fulfills their PH commitment, their MAVRO will be completely safe. Moreover, those who have attached a fake slip will also be permanently blocked from the system.

This is a Peer to Peer system that provides equal opportunity to all members across the globe and because of a few members, the balance is getting disturbed. MMM Global RU is working on their toes to get the issue rectified as soon as possible and will provide you a robust and flawless system in due course.


We can change the world together.


Dear MMM Users,

Recently we faced some technical issues in the server and we really apologize for the inconvenience caused. The good news is, we have sorted out the issue and its working fine now.

Just to ensure, we do not face such issues in the future: We will do some maintenance work on the server. For now, you can login and see your personal office (PO). However please don’t do the following activities for the next 24 to 48 hours:
1.    Any new registration
2.    PH/GH Commitment and payment

For all the users whose time has been lapsed, will get additional time after the server upgrade. Moreover, there can be some display/design issues, don’t worry about them.

Your PO is in safe hands, rest assured.

We can change the world together.


All MMM Lovers

Here is the news, MMM Global RU is running all good and robust.

I was going through the system and feel glad to share that people have joined from all over the globe. MMM Global has an overwhelming response.

As this is a peer to peer system, people are working here with full commitment and dedication.

Just to recap, after commitment people are receiving 10% orders anytime within 7days and as you all know 90% orders have also started coming.

Once 10% order is confirmed, the remaining order of 90% can come anytime. After completing 90%, the participant can apply to get help.

As for now, participants are already enjoying their Get help of 90%.

It's you guys who are working as a backbone for MMM Global RU, just because your continuous effort system has gained its popularity across the globe and new users are joining in high frequency.

Sergei mavrodi has shown us the path to follow and we are working continuously to ensure his efforts come true.

We can change the world together.



We are really pleased to inform all the MMM lovers that the company that was closed after the death of Sergei Mavrodi, is again going to be relaunched with a big bang across the globe.

This means that the MMM Global from Russia is back with the same Management team on www.mmmglobal.ru. Mr Sergei Mavrodi had started MMM globally with a mission and aim of helping each other and getting paid anywhere between 20% to 100% via MMM extra and this really worked well until the sudden demise of Mr Mavrodi. However, the old team is re united and exited to relaunch this mission. The platform was made open sometime back for the key members throughout the world, so that they can do the registrations though the confidential link provided. Now time has come to make the system open for everybody. People from all over the world are expected to participate and take it to next level. To start with, we have introduced a 30% Mavro Growth that can practically be managed.

As mmmglobal.ru would work globally, so people can provide and get help in the form of BTC, LTC and ETH. However, this is just the starting, as we move ahead, we will introduce fiat currency that too country specific.

Member who would show extra ordinary performance in mmmglobal.ru, management would introduce a separate structure for him in his own country with his local currency.

For the latest updates, please go through the news section of our official website www.mmmglobal.ru, else you can also join our official SKYPE and Telegram group mentioned on website. If anybody has any concern or query, do not hesitate to send an email on [email protected]


For all the latest updates please join our Official Skype and Telegram group

Skype-  https://join.skype.com/a2fEKMHwu808
Video- https://youtu.be/DW4o0TgvD3M

We can change the world together.